Pipeline Steel Plate

Pipeline Steel Plate

Pipeline Steel Plate

1. Specification Range

Steel plate
Steel sheet and coil
Length: can’t less than 50mm

2. MOQ for each order

25 Ton Status on Delivery: According to the performance and the requirements from clients, the status on delivery of steel plate can be hot rolled ,controlled rolling, normalizing, annealed tempering, normalizing + tempering, hardening + tempering , etc.

3. flaw detection & Through-Thickness Property

We are capable of manufacturing the steel plate with additional flaw detection and Z15-Z35 tear resistance ( Through-Thickness Property ), also can supply you with Z-Direction Steel Plate according to ASTM、A770 standard.


Steel for oil and natural gas transmission.

Steel plate:

Item Standards Grade Description Size, mm Delivery Condition Remarks
API(Steel Plates for Pipeline) Foreign Standard B, X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70, X80 Steel Plates for Pipeline Thickness 6-100(6-30 for L555)Width: 1500-3250 Length: 3000-18000 Hot Rolled or Controlled Rolled
BM,X42M,X46M,X52M,X56M,X60M,X65M,X70M,X80M TMCP
BN,X42N,X46N,X52N,X56N,X60N Normalized Rolled
L245,L290,L320,L360,L390,L415,L450,L485 Hot Rolled or Controlled Rolled
L245N,L290N,L320N,L360N,L390N,L415N Normalized Rolled
L245M,L290M,L320M,L360M,L390M,L415M,L450M,L485M,L555M TMCP
L245MB,L290MB,L360MB,L415MB,L450MB,L485MB TMCP
L245NB,L290NB,L360NB,L415NB Normalized Rolled
BW,X42W,X46W,X52W,X56W,X60W,X65W,X70W TMCP
L245W,L290W,L320W,L360W,L390W,L415W,L450W,L485W TMCP
BMS,X42MS,X46MS,X52MS,X56MS,X60MS,X65MS Thickness: 6-30 TMCP
L245MS,L290MS,L320MS,L360MS,L390MS,L415MS,L450MS Thickness: 6-30 TMCP

Steel coil:

Item Grade Thickness/mm Width/mm Standard Delivery Condition Remarks
API B, X42-X65 3~19 50-2000 Technical Agreement HR,TMCP,N
BM, X42M-X65M
API X42N-X52N 3~19 50-2000 Technical Agreement HR,TMCP,N for oil casing



X80、X80M、L555、L555M 3~16
J55、K55、N80、 H40 2.0~19


Steel Grade of Pipeline Steel Plate Executive Standard

Brand name and melting composition

Brand of American standard Brand of China standard Chemical composition%
C≤ Mn≤ P≤ S≤ Others
B L245NB L245MB 0.22 1.20 0.025 0.015 b,d
X42 L290NB L290MB 0.22 1.30 0.025 0.015 c,d
X46 X52 X56 L360NB L360MB 0.22 1.40 0.025 0.015 c,d
X60 L415NB L415MB 0.22 1.40 0.025 0.015 c,d
X65 L450MB 0.22 1.45 0.025 0.015 c,d
X70 L485MB 0.22 1.65 0.025 0.015 c,d
X80 L555MB 0.22 1.85 0.025 0.015 c,d

a. Could use cobalt, niobium, vanadium, titanium or composite-element after the negotiation between buyer and manufacturer.
b. Manufacture could choose cobalt, niobium, vanadium, titanium or composite-element.
c. The total of cobalt, niobium, vanadium, titanium or composite-element is less than 0.15%.

Mechanical property

Brand of American standard Brand of China standard Yield strength MPa Tensile strength MPa Elongation%
Min Max Min Max 2in(50.8mm)Min
B L245NB L245MB 241 448 414 758 A
X42 L290NB L290MB 290 496 414 758 A
X46 317 524 434 758 A
X52 L360NB L360MB 359 531 455 758 A
X56 386 544 490 758 A
X60 L415NB L415MB 414 565 517 758 A
X65 L450MB 448 600 531 758 A
X70 L485MB 483 621 565 758 A
X80 L555MB 552 690 621 827 A

A cylindrical specimen is 0.2in square(10mm²)

Because its speciality, pipeline steel asks for some requirements in detail, which includes component, carbon equivalent or the sensitivity exponent of weld crack, Drop-Weight Tear Test, V type impact strength and section of shear, cold bend, hardness, banded structure, grain size, impunty,, ultrasonic flaw detection and so on. These requirements could be showed in the contact, technical condition and techincal agreement.


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