Prime Forged Steel Round Bar

Prime Forged Steel Round Bar

Description of Forged Round Bar:
Forged bars are profiled bars which been treated with forging and shaped with round section, which could afford with strong wallop,and higher mechanical property compared to casting steel on effectness, plasticity, toughness.




 EN, JIS, Chinese GB   or Technical agreement Chinese/ American/ Germany / Japanese /
20#  /1020 /C22 /S20C
35#  /1035 /C35 /S35C
45#  /1045 /C45/ S45C
Q345D /TyPe7 /S355J2G3 /SPFC590
20CrMo / 5150/ 25CrMo4/ SCM420
35CrMo /4137 /34CrMo4 /SCM435
42CrMo / 4140 /42CrMo4 /SCM440
40CrNiMo/ A 4340 /34CrNiMo6
40Cr /5140/ 41Cr4 /SCr440
20Cr/ 5120/ 20Cr4 /SCr420

S45Cr,SCM440,SCM435, 41CrAlMo7

SAE8620, 16MnCr5, 20MnCr5, 34CrNiMo6,

SAE4130, 18CrNiMo7, 39CrNiMo3, CK60, CK60N etc.

Bearing,spring,punchingdie,and other spare parts.


Size range: (Dia.) Round: 70-1000mm

Square: 70-880mm

Length: 2000mm-7000mm

Process: EAF + LF + VD + Forged + Heat Treatment (optional)

Delivery condition: Hot forged +Rough Machined (black surface after Q/T);Hot forged + Rough Machined + Turned Hot forged + R/T + Q/T (or Normalized optional)

Available Chinese Mills: Daye, Xingcheng, Baosteel, DongbeiSpeicial, Shougang, Wuhan Zhongyeetc and some other medium/small mills

Prime Forged Steel Round Bar

Prime Forged Steel Round Bar


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